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Just great...

I finally decided to get my own copy of Promethean to finish my collection of corebooks... I went to borders, payed for it, started reading like if it was the first time(I borrowed a copy a while ago when it came out)...and I have some blank pages!

Pages 66-67... 70-71... 74-75...and 78-79...

Seriously, is not THAT much, but still is part of my book :(. Well, I take it's pretty much my fault for having confidence in prints and borders so I didn't check in-store, I saw it was the only copy and I got it. But now I am on a dilemma here... Is not THAT easy to get copies of RP books here in Puerto Rico, and it was the only copy available for God knows how much time. Part of my wants to go there and complain, and make them get me a new copy,lol, and the other part just wants to shrug, get a friend's copy and scan them(that's legal right? I DO have the book...I'm just missing 8 pages..)

*sighs and smacks his head against keyboard*
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