º {φ Destiny Warrior φ} º (destiny_warrior) wrote in newwod,
º {φ Destiny Warrior φ} º

Create a...

Alright guys, I'm trying to give this community a little spark of life ;)

So, I'll start making this new session, it's called "Create a... [insert whatever comes to my mind on the moment of posting]"

This, will help us share a piece of creativity. Maybe we could even give away tips to balance whatever we have in mind.

This time... we will Create a Supernatural Item(Fetish/Token/ect).

Please, let us know what item it is, what spirit it has(if any) what it does, what would you like an item to do(ask for advice creating it). Just stay on-topic about the items and we will help you, praise you, and benefit from your creativity as well!
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