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The World of Darkness

...the world is not what you think...

New World of Darkness
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The world is not what you think.

Beneath skyscrapers
leering gargoyles,
factories belching smoke
and streets packed with
the human throng
lurk things we are
not meant to see.

Creatures dwell in the shadows
and hidden places.

They watch you,
stalk you
and prey upon
your body and soul.

The life you lead is a lie.
Your darkest fears aren't make-believe.
They're real.

And now that you have glimpsed
this world of darkness,
there's no place to hide.

This community is based on the game by White-Wolf; World of Darkness, and its respective settings (Vampire, The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, Mage: The Awakening, and so on). This is intended for the spreading of the game and to discuss ideas of players throught the world, though this community is mainly dedicated to the new WoD, you may discuss all of the White Wolf games, be them old or new.

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If recognize material, even more, if everyone else does as well, odds are it's not ours. If you still don't know what we are trying to say, then material you can easily recognize belongs to White-Wolf and their respective publishing companies. WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH WHITE-WOLF IN ANY WAY. We only buy the products. We do not, under any circumstances, make ourselves responsible for material posted within this community, and we do not make any profit from it either, so it would be pointless to sue. We don't have that much money anyway.

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The following rules apply from the instant you join our community, failure to abide by these rules will grant you the beautiful status of being banned, so we suggest you read these carefully, we would appreciate it, and in the long run, we're sure you will too:

  • Follow the golden rule; just as in any WoD game, this is mainly for having fun, we do not intend to start controversies and drama within people so: NO DRAMA.
  • No discrimination of ANY kind. (We mean: Race, gender, nationality, religion, ideals, morals, ect)
  • It's a game that references races and creatures that may be jeopardizing to some religions, it's not real, do not try to use these things as bullets to bash others with. You will get a warning.
  • No spamming.
  • No advertising other communities that do not have to do with any RPGs.
  • Information on how to get pirated material is not to be posted under ANY circumstance. Doing so will not be tolerated and it is an automatic ban.
  • Try to express yourself as clearly as possible, spelling is not an obligation, entirely. But if we cannot understand your post, it will be deleted.
  • Respect others' opinions, if you have nothing decent to say, just don't say anything at all. We're not saying that you can't try to expose your point of view, just do it in an orderly and coherent manner rather than trying deliberately to bring other peoples' opinion down.
  • Newbies: you're very valuable to us. By this, please do not flame newbies or discriminate against them just because they have an obvious question, even if they don't think it's obvious.
  • nO tYpInG lIk Diz!!!1111oneone. -long sigh- Give it up, you will be banned.
  • Entries that are far too large, please have the decency and LJ-CUT, it's simple, if you don't know how, then: .
  • If you don't know if something is worth posting or not, just ask the mods, we're here for a reason. Check out the contact info.
  • No harassing other members. No insulting other members either. You will be banned.

Please follow the rules, we don't ask much and if we took our time to make this community for YOU, do not make us waste our time. Thank you.

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This is the list nobody wants to be in, but somebody always wounds themselves into. Please keep it clean, else everyone will know you're a shameful member. Bye. =)

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People always have questions and/or comments or just plain whatever. So, this section is obviously a must. So we shall disclose our contact information, we ask of you to please do not spam and/or lag us, that's just rude, kay? =)

For general questions or feedback about the community or anything WoD related, would you please use the community e-mail: nwodcomm@gmail.com

Please, the information below, rather only the e-mails, are just for PERSONAL things. If you sent us an e-mail regarding the community, use the e-mail provided above, please, our inboxes are already full as it with other spam, so just please follow that little rule. You may contact us at our personal e-mails if you just want to get to knows us better or anything that doesn't have to do about the community. For everything else, we made a community e-mail for a reason, don't let it be sad and empty.

Mod Name: Shiara
Livejournal: Lie Your Truth
E-Mail: shiaranaiya@gmail.com
Messenger: shiaranaiya@gmail.com
AIM: cleverestwitch Note: I barely use AIM
Yahoo: shiara_a Note: I barely use Y!IM

Experience: Played D&Dv3.5, nWoD(mortal), Vampire: The Requiem, Mage: The Ascencion, Werewolf: The Forsaken.

Mod Name: Herbert
Livejournal: Destiny Warrior
E-Mail: alexander.drako@gmail.com
Messenger: gohanss18@hotmail.com
AIM: tonyj618
Yahoo: gohanss18 Note: I barely use Y!IM

Experience: DM D&Dv3.5. Storyteller and player; Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascencion, Hunter: The Reckoning, oWoD(mortal), nWoD(mortal), Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken. (Yes, I'm a junkie, deal with it. If you're here, so are you.)

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Hello, we are the mods of this community.
Herbert on background: No, really?
Shi:-clears throat- Anyway, we are boyfriend and girlfriend... unfortunately.
Herbert: I know how to read, you know.
Shi: Would you let me explain?!
Herbert: Oh, okay, go ahead.
Shi:-sigh- Thank you.

As I was saying, we are boyfriend and girlfriend and we decided, obviously, to start a community dedicated to the new World of Darkness, being as we could not find one. We're both from Puerto Rico, small island in the Caribbean for those of you who are wondering which bus to take to get here. Tough luck, you can't kill us... yet. Anyway, if you're still lost, then just google it. We're roleplayers; he's been one since he was like 11 years old, and then he met me about two years ago and corrupted me so now I'm one too. I used to roleplay but only online via forums or chat, though he "initiated" me on table-top. Now it seems I will never escape from it. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

Herbert: Hey! My turn! -grabs keyboard!-
We are 20 and 21 year olds, relatively, and starting our bajillion year at college (it's eternal, help!). We enjoy a lot of things as you will find on our respective journals, more on hers, because I barely use mine. Anything else you want to know, no matter if it is a question about roleplaying or if you just want to meet us, feel free to contact us, you have our info. Well, we don't want to bore you anymore, so, bye!

~Shiara and Herbert