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The Mayfair grounds

How did we end up here?
It was hard enough for a latin to live in the States... It is even more hard to be a Werewolf.
But hey! Things are improving aren't they? I mean... now I'm a Latin Werewolf on England, with a pack of "yanks"... Please, catch the irony, I don't feel like explaining.

The place isn't bad though, after all, Mayfair is among the most richest places to live, with the rents amongst the most high in London, let alone the world.

But the shadow... Oh,the Shadow... I never though I would find a place so tainted like this one. It's like... like... la misma Shadow estuviese nerviosa.

Heh, I better start scouting the area again, or Angela will start growling again. Catch' you later

*closes up the journal and puts it on the backpack after signing*

Lenny "Tear of Luna"


Bear with me, this character isn't the most focused nor brightest of the pack*laughs*

Tomorrow I'll start a chronicle I though my players forgot about it. It lasted a couple of sessions before my players couldn't keep the schedule, but hey, that's cool, they wanted me to take it back, so that makes me happy.
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